Temporary Bliss

Take it from me

The control I maintain

Give me pleasure

Give me pain

Keep me on the brink of insane

Your efforts will not be in vain

You have to earn

My will to submit

Make me kneel

To be complicit

Do not ask me to commit

And you could be a perfect fit

Shock me, Make me

Take your fill

Order me

To bleed or kill

The tension gives me such a thrill

So just for now you have my will


The Dance

Sometimes a sinner meets another

A secret is born that only our eyes betray

Our inner demons dancing

Bathed in blood and moonlight

It’s dangerous to fall into a thing like this

With feral oracles and concupiscent dreamers

A kaleidoscope of madness

We ache to explore

We summon the wild in each other

Both of us circling the other like prey

Scorching our souls with a kiss

Unraveling the last threads of decency

Each of us manage to possess


I only want to be

The escape that you crave

I look at you with the intensity of a storm

“Take me” eyes, “come hither” stare

The need taking over

The hunger controlling my every move

I’m not what you need

But I’ll be what you want

Under your skin, consuming your thoughts

On my knees confessing

To sins I’m begging to commit

Your touch electric upon my skin

Lost in the lust of our connection

My control is abandoned to you

Boundary lines melted

The moment your ardent skin pleaded with mine

Yes was the only reply my flesh could utter

Don’t love me tenderly

Fuck me wreckless

Why Now

Why now

Why when you have tarnished every surface

Wilted every flower

Broken every vase

Why now do you look at me like that

All I ever wanted

All I ever craved

Was for you to love me like that

Smile at me like that

Feel for me like that

Instead you took for granted

Every inch of my soul

Every smile that I gave

Every tear that I shed

So why now

When I lay broken and lost

When I cringe from your touch

When I avoid your gaze

Why now do I suddenly matter

Why now do you suddenly care

Why now do you want me

I was never good enough before

And I’m a shell of who I used to be

So why now


The things that go unspoken

Are the things that hurt the most

The silence bitter in my mouth

The unshed tears choking me

Lungs on fire from holding it in

Lead weight in my chest

Heavy handed on my soul

I want to tell you everything

Explain my imperfections

Detail all of my scars for you

And maybe you’ll understand

Or maybe you’ll reject me

And I’ll lose what little I have left

Because what would someone like you

Want with someone like me

Why would you weather this storm

When you know how broken I am

I can’t be anything else

So I’ll put on a smile, wave to the crowd

Dance in this three ring circus

And bury down all of my woes

I’ll be your ray of moonlight

Hiding in the shadows

Basking in the few rays of your warm sunglow

That’s all I have left, and all I can do


We almost knew what it was

But almost is never enough

Danced close enough to get burned

But not to feel the rapture

A teasing taste of what it could be

But not enough to sate the hunger

A few stolen moments of bliss

Just enough to be a constant reminder

Fulfilling each other in new ways

Yet forever left wanting more

We were syncopated, unexpected, and good

But the rhythm faltered and never recovered

The Void

It whispers to me…. You’re never enough

I scream into the void…. I try so hard

It whispers to me…. You’ll never be pretty

I scream into the void…. My soul is beautiful

It whispers to me…. You’re a monster

I scream into the void…. I’m trying to do the right thing

It whispers to me…. Just give up

I scream into the void…. I have too much to live for

It whispers to me…. Your soul is broken

I scream into the void…. I can mend the pain

It whispers to me…. Don’t get too close

I scream into the void…. I need them

It whispers to me…. They’ll see the ugliness in you

I scream into the void…. I’ll love them with everything I have

It whispers to me…. Just end the charade

I scream into the void…. I can’t give up now

It whispers to me…. They are better without you

I scream into the void…. I just want to love

It whispers to me…. You’re always alone

I scream into the void…. I don’t have to be

It whispers to me…. Join me in the shadows

I scream into the void…. That’s how I lose everything

It whispers to me…. That’s where you belong

I scream into the void…. I can’t ever go back there

It whispers to me…. How many more times must you cry alone

I scream into the void…. As many as it takes

It whispers to me…. You will give up

I whimper into the void…. I haven’t…. yet